• Season 1
  • Derek: This is...
    Meredith: ...humiliating on so many levels. You have to go.
    Derek: Why don't you just come back down here and we'll pick up where we left off?

    Meredith: You know, we don't have to do the thing.
    Derek: Oh, we can do anything you want.
    Meredith: No, the thing! Exchange the details, pretend we care.

    Meredith: Look, I'm going to go upstairs and take a shower, OK? And when I get back down here, you won't be here. So goodbye, um... {loooong silence}
    Derek: Derek.
    Meredith: Derek! Right, Meredith.

    Meredith: Did you let me scrub in for this operation because I slept with you?
    Derek: Yes. [silence] Just kidding!

    Meredith: We should forget it ever happened.
    Derek: What? You sleeping with me last night? Or you throwing me out this morning? Because both are fond memories I'd like to hang on to.
    Meredith: No, there will be no more memories. I'm not the girl in the bar anymore and you're not the guy. This can't exist. You get that right?
    Derek: You took advantage of me and now you want to forget it?
    Meredith: I did not take--
    Derek: I was drunk, vulnerable and good looking and you took advantage.
    Meredith: Okay, I was the one who was drunk and you are NOT that good looking.
    Derek: Maybe not today, but last night I was very good looking. I had on my red shirt, my good looking shirt and you took advantage.
    Meredith: I did not!
    Derek: Would you like to take advantage again, say Friday night?

    Meredith: Stop looking at me like that.
    Derek: Like what?
    Meredith: Like you've seen me naked.

    Derek: So we're kissing but we're not dating?
    Meredith: I knew that was going to come up.
    Derek: Don't get me wrong: I like the kissing. I'm all for the kissing. More kissing, I say.
    Meredith: I have no idea what that was about.
    Derek: Is it going to happen again? Let me know next time. I'll bring breath mints. Put a condom in my wallet.
    Meredith: Shut up now.

    Meredith: It's the chase, isn't it?
    Derek: What?
    Meredith: The thrill of the chase. I've been wondering to myself, why are you so hell-bent on getting me to go out with you? You know you're my boss. You know it's against the rules. You know I keep saying no. It's the chase.
    Derek: Well, its fun isn't it?
    Meredith: You see! This is a game to you, but not to me. Because, unlike you, I still have something to prove.

    Derek: You're asking my advice? Now who's chasing who?
    Meredith: Not funny, this is important.

    Derek: It's not the chase.
    Meredith: What?
    Derek: You and me. It is not the thrill of the chase. It's not a game. It's...it's your tiny ineffectual fists. And your hair.
    Meredith: My hair?
    Derek: It smells good. And you're very, very bossy. Keeps me in line.
    Meredith: I'm still not going out with you.
    Derek: You say that now.

    Derek: I thought I might buy you breakfast before your rounds.
    Meredith: I've already eaten.
    Derek: Oh? What'd you have?
    Meredith: None of your business.
    Derek: Cereal person? Straight out of the box or are you all fruit and fibery? Pancakes! Do you like pancakes?
    Meredith: Fine, leftover grilled cheese. Curiosity satisfied?
    Derek: That's sad. It's pathetic. A good day starts with a good breakfast.

    Derek: Well, let me take you out to dinner tonight. You can tell me all about it. Real food, waiters, big chunks of carbs in a basket.
    Meredith: I can't.
    Derek: Forget about the party.
    Meredith: You know about the party?
    Derek: Your friends will be at the party. You and I can be alone somewhere else.
    Meredith: How do you know about the party?
    Derek: Thanks for not inviting me, by the way. That felt good. Dinner, think about dinner, perfect opportunity.

    Derek: [Arrives at Meredith's house and finds her drinking tequila and dancing in her front lawn] You know, in some states, you could get arrested for that. [She walks towards him] So you blew me off for a bottle of tequila? Tequila's no good for you. It doesn't call, doesn't write, not nearly as much fun to wake up to. [They start kissing]

    Derek: Sounds like the party's winding down. We should probably sneak inside now.
    Meredith: I think we've done enough sneaking for tonight. It was good sneaking, but enough sneaking.
    Derek: [Pulling his shirt over her shoulders] Yeah, I'd say we're pretty good sneakers.
    Bailey: [As they are about to kiss she knocks on the window] You mind moving this tail wagon? You are blocking me in.
    Derek: Apparently not good enough.
    Meredith: Take me for a ride, Derek.

    Meredith: [Wanting more details about Derek's life] I want facts, and until I get them, my pants are staying on.
    Derek: Or you could just roll with it, be flexible. See what happens.
    Meredith: I'm not flexible.
    Derek': [laughs] Now there I disagree...We'll find these things out. That's the fun part, you know? That's the gravy.

    Meredith: [Again looking for more details about Derek] Give me something to go on. Anything! What are your grandparents' names?
    Derek: I don't have grandparents.
    Meredith: Where'd you grow up? What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Where'd you spend your summer vacations?
    Derek: Ah, lighten up. It'll be good for your blood pressure. [Stands and leaves Meredith alone]
    Meredith: Oh don't you tell me to lighten up. I'll lighten up when I... feel light.

    Meredith: You know, you keep taking everything on faith. How do you know what's real and what's not.
    Derek: You just do. You know some people would call this a relationship. Time when you exchange keys, leave your toothbrush over.
    Meredith: Who, who would call it that?
    Derek: Me, I would.
    Meredith: And I'm supposed to believe you. Show me something. Give me a reason to believe.

    Derek: Can you keep a secret?
    Meredith: Better than you think.

    Meredith: So just for the record, you'd tell me if I need to get tested, right?
    Derek: [whispers] You think I have syphilis?
    Meredith: No, I don't. It's just...I mean we never made any rules or anything, we never said we had rules and I wouldn't hold it against you.
    Derek: When would I have time to go out and get syphilis? You're a handful enough as it is. And besides we're practically a condom ad.
    Meredith: [in a sad pouty voice] Yeah...But no more glow-in-the-dark ones.
    Derek: You see? There's nothing to worry about. Maybe we should, you know, make some rules.
    Meredith: We should.
    Derek: Ok.
    Meredith: Ok.
    Derek: Just for the record... I like the glow-in-the-dark ones.
    Meredith: [laughs] I bet you do.

    Derek: Somewhere out there is a steak with your name on it, and maybe a bottle of wine.
    Meredith: This is why I keep you around.
    Derek: So, we need to talk.
    Meredith: Wine first, talk later.
    Derek: Oh, so you're trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me.