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2.10 Much Too Much

Derek: So, when did this problem begin?
Steve: Well, I had an erection last night and woke up with one this morning.
Bailey: Uh, Dr. Shepherd, if you don't need me, the other Dr. Shepherd needs a consult on one of the quints...
Derek: Yeah, no we're fine. [Bailey leaves] So when did you last ejaculate?
Steve: I'm not sure. Meredith? [Meredith cringes. Cristina tries not to laugh]
Cristina: Oh, I'm...I'm gonna go with Bailey. [She leaves quickly]
Steve: Meredith, what time did we, uh... [Meredith cringes as Derek catches on] know.
Derek: [amused] Yes, Meredith. What time did you two...

Derek: Doesn't look like there's any nerve damage. There shouldn't be any long-term effect. I'd wait a few weeks before I tested it out, though.
Meredith: Funny. You're a funny man.
Derek: I just didn't know you two were dating.
Meredith: You knew it would happen eventually
Derek: Eventually feels a lot different than actually.
Meredith: Yeah, I guess it does.
Derek: It's surprisingly painful.
Meredith: It gets better.
Derek: Does it?