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2.13 Begin the Begin

Meredith: Hi.
Derek:: Hi. You're leaving?
Meredith: 80 hour limit. You?
Derek:: Surgery was postponed.
Derek: [keeps looking at her and smiles]
Meredith: I have a dog.
Derek:: You have a dog.
Meredith: My point is, I have a dog.
Derek:: You have a dog. Oh, you know what? I love dogs.
Derek: [keeps looking at her and keeps smiling]
Meredith: I've moved on, so don't give me that look.
Derek:: What look?
Meredith: That look. Our look. I'm over you.
Derek:: I'm over you too.
Meredith: You are?
Derek:: No!
Meredith: Oh. Well, I am...over you.
Derek:: I'm over you too.
Meredith: You just said... [Looks at him] Shut up.

Meredith: What are you doing here?
Derek: There is a clinical trial to slow the progression of early onset Alzheimer's.
Meredith: OK, me, you can screw with. My mother? No. Not acceptable.

Derek: There have been some really promising results from similar studies in Europe. Your mother is a prime candidate. Meredith: My mother is very sick and has very few good days. And I don't want her to be poked and prodded for some experimental program.
Derek: I'm just trying to help.
Meredith: Well, see this? What you're doing, being dreamy? It doesn't help. It hurts me. It messes with my head. You have a wife to go home to and I'm guessing she has no idea where you are right now.
Derek: No, she doesn't.
Meredith: That's what I thought.