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2.18 Yesterday

Mark: History of COPD? The guys pretty much a goner right?
Meredith: Sensitivity, I like that in a stranger. Are you new here?
Mark: Visiting. Confounded by all the rain and it's only my first day in town.
Meredith: You get used to it.
Mark: Makes me want to stay in bed all day.
Meredith: We just met and already you're talking about bed. Not very subtle.
Mark: Subtle has never been my strong suit. So, do you ever go out with coworkers?
Meredith: I, um, make it a rule not to.
Mark: Then I am so glad that I don't work here.
Meredith: Are you hitting on me? In a hospital?
Mark: Would that be wrong?
Meredith: [introducing herself] Meredith [Derek slugs him]
Meredith: What the hell was that?!
Derek: That was Mark.

Meredith: Why do people cheat?
Derek: That's a good question.
Meredith: Why do you think she cheated on you? Were you different then? Were you a bad husband?
Derek: I was a, I was just a little absent. Not that that's an excuse for her.
Meredith: Do you think things would have been different if you had kids?
Derek: Do I think she wouldn't have cheated? I don't know.