3.04 What I Am

[Meredith is sitting in her hospital room on morphine]
Meredith: Addison. Dr. Montgomery Shepherd.
Addison: You bellowed, Dr. Grey?
Meredith: Hi.
Addison: You certainly are. [looks at Meredith's chart] But you're not pregnant.
Meredith: No. Are you okay?
Addison: Fine. How are you?
Meredith: I'm trying to choose between two men.
Addison: Ok-ay well, good luck with that. [Addison starts to leave the room]
Meredith: How did you know Derek was the one? [Addison turns around and looks at Meredith]
Addison: Excuse me?
Meredith: I know you hate me and you don't owe me anything. Nothing. No... What was I saying
Addison: Derek.
Meredith: Right, I want him to be the one, but I would know if he was the one, right? You knew, right?
Addison: You don't...I didn't. I didn't know. Just Derek's the kinda guy I just knew wouldn't hurt me. Not on purpose anyway. Not the way I hurt him.
Meredith: He hurt me, when he chose you.
Addison: I should have let him go. [Addison sighs] I should have stepped aside, been a better person. I should'a a lot of things.
Meredith: Me too, a lot of things.
Addison: I don't hate you.
Meredith: How come we never talked like this before?
Addison: The only reason I am talking like this now is becuase I know that you won't remember a single word of this once the drugs wear off.

Derek: You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Somebody who doesn't complicate your life. Somebody who wont hurt you. He's the better guy. [pauses and just stares at Meredith] Finn's the better guy.
Meredith: Derek?
Derek: I'm walking away.