Meredith & Derek

Meredith: "So pick me. Choose me. Love me." - 02x05: Bring the Pain

  • How they met...
  • They meet at Joe's and slept together the night before she began her internship and he became a new attending at Seattle Grace. Neither knew the other's identity until she reported for duty at the hospital the next morning.

  • Timeline
  • Season 1
    • They meet at Joe's the night before Meredith begins her internship and Derek's first day as an attending at Seattle Grace. They end up sleeping together, but don't know the other's identity until they meet at the hospital the next morning.
    • Derek shows up at Meredith's party and they end up having sex in his car (only to be caught by Bailey).
    • Meredith and Derek do it all night in S1 and are so exhausted the next day, Derek has to use eye drops.
    • Derek shows her his trailer and they start having a real relationship.
    • Meredith discovers that Derek has a wife (Addison) who shows up at Seattle Grace.

    Season 2
    • Derek decides to not sign the divorce papers and gives his marriage another shot as Meredith tries to forget him by burying herself in meaningless sex.
    • Meredith struggles to move on, whilst Derek still longs for her, failing at trying to resume his marriage.
    • After the bomb blows up and Derek finds out Meredith was the bomb girl, he checks up on her at her house afterwards.
    • They attempt to be just friends and share a dog named Doc together.
    • Derek gets jealous after seeing Meredith in only a shirt at Finn's, misinterpreting the scene.
    • They have a huge blowout at work in which Derek calls her a whore and they put an end to the 'friendship.'
    • Mer and Der bond over Doc's death and hook up during the 'Prom' in the S2 finale.

    Season 3
    • Meredith dates Finn and Derek to decide which one she wants and eventually picks Derek because he is her one.
    • Derek declares his love, but then bows out, telling Meredith that she deserves better than him.
    • She tries to start fresh with celibacy and feels all "bright and shiny."
    • They eventually get back together.
    • During the ferry crash incident, Meredith is pushed into the cold water of the Sound, but is saved by Derek after almost drowning herself that morning.
    • Meredith almost dies, but miraculously pulls through after an afterlife-like dream. Her mother dies.
    • After her accident, the relationship is fragile as Derek's insecurities begin to show.
    • Meredith and Derek end S3 on a bad note with him giving her an ultimatum.

    Season 4
    • Meredith and Derek end up having "break-up sex" in an on-call room and more afterwards, unable to officially break up.
    • Meredith eventually admits that she doesn't want to lose him and they try again. However, it is only brief because Derek wants more with Meredith and she realises that she doesn't trust him.
    • Meredith gets Derek to support her clinical trial and both try to struggle through failing a number of patients. Meanwhile, Derek is seeing a scrub nurse as Meredith begins visiting the hospital therapist.
    • In the finale, Derek returns home to find Meredith outside his trailer after finally earning success in their clinical trial. She performs a huge gesture, by building a house of candles, to prove that she is ready for more. They kiss and Derek tells her to wait there for him so that he can break up with Rose and have a clear conscience.

    Season 5
    • Meredith asks Derek to move in and both have a few mishaps, trying to adjust to the new changes.
    • After his mother's visit, Derek prepares to propose with his mother's ring.
    • Derek has a breakdown and falls deep into depression with Meredith still loyally at his side. She urges him to help Izzie and believes in him.
    • After having a successful redemption surgery with Izzie, Derek proposes in an elevator (with a 'surgical timeline' of their relationship). Meredith agrees and they kiss. They're officially engaged!
    • Derek & Meredith get married on May 14,2009 at Seattle Grace by writing their wedding vows on a post-it note.

    Season 6
    • They consummate anywhere and everwhere, claiming they are newlyweds (Meredith's way of coping with George's death).

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